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East End Therapeutics offers focused treatment for sports massage therapy and pre and post orthopedic surgery, as well as treatments that may allow you to manage your pain. Elijah is knowledgeable and cares about all aspects of your treatment. Each treatment is customized to meet your specific needs by incorporating a variety of assessment and treatment techniques that are best suited to you as an individual. As part of your treatment, you will receive a pain management and re-covery advice, such as stretching and strengthening exercises and the use of heat or cold therapy. This advice is intended to help you maximize the effectiveness of treatment as well as empower you to be proactive in your health.

The Benefits of Treatment at East End Therapeutics East End Therapeutics is located in the heart of Stouffville, just east of the clock tower. You will find the location easy to get to with free parking surrounding the clinic. The clinic itself is bright and open, with areas for assessment, interviewing and treatment. In trying to find out how you need to be treated, you may be asked to do a walking assessment, range of motion exercises, or other tasks that would help us determine the best treatment possible. The health interview regarding your past/current health concerns may also help us discover the root of what may be causing your condition. At East End Therapeutics, you will never be asked to get on the treatment table without discussion of how or why you need to be treated. Each time you come in, you will be greeted warmly, with your individual needs in mind. When you choose East End Therapeutics, you are valued as a client. Working together as therapist and client, we will develop a plan to reach your goals, whether it be recovery from injury, return to sport, improved quality of life or just finding time to manage stress.

About Elijah B. Velasco, RMT Over the last 16+ years Elijah has worked in specialized chiropractic clinics, sports medicine clinics along with spa settings and on-site sporting events. Working with sports injuries and repetitive stress injuries are what Elijah has found to be the most interesting part of his practice. Elijah enjoys working with conditions that may have been difficult to deal with via traditional techniques. Elijah believes that massage therapy can be part of a client's general wellness routine and lifestyle. But when you NEED to get back to on the ice, the field, the road or back in the garden, Elijah will mirror your passion in his own drive to help you. He has done training in myofascial release, Osteopathic techniques, kinesiology taping, ultrasound, electrotherapy, Chinese cupping, as well as prenatal massage. When Elijah is not working with clients, and if he’s lucky, he’s enjoying the great outdoors with his wife and sons.